Zorin Finance

Branding, Responsive Design & Build, UX Guidance

The bulk of this project was to redesign the existing website over many platforms.

After the brand and website refresh, the responsive build was created. Now that all the hardwork in the build has been done, the website is robust enough to be maintained internaly.

*Please note images below will be likely to change as the site grows and evolves.


Art Direction, Branding, Responsive Design, Responsive Build, UX

Project of

Zorin Finance & Inkt

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project overview

The refresh covered branding, UX Guidance & website design across all platforms - desktop, tablet & mobile


The site works on Windows, Mac & multiple browsers

Mobile & Tablet

I have only shown mobile below as the changes are the most significant.

I was asked to redesign the logo. The decision was to keep the existing logo, but to address it's existing issues and tidy it up. It felt clumsy in a single color, so the main task was to make it more elegant where possible. The changes are marginal which negates the need to replace all existing collateral. A 'soft rollout' can then be implemented.

The old logo

The new logo

The new logo reversed out

UX Guidance

Part of the refresh involved strong guidance on useability and flow of content

Hurdles encountered

  1. Existing brand was dated
  2. Tight budget & extremely tight time scales
  3. No existing assets to work from or expand upon

Solutions created

  1. Brand was refreshed and modernised
  2. Prototyping and mobile views were abandoned in design stage to reduce time spent
  3. Assets were created along the way creating a library that can now be expanded upon

Another time saving element is drawing out the wireframes. Im most comfortable using this medium as its flexible and cost effective.