RedFox Outdoor

Art Direction, Branding & Responsive Design

Picking up on older,incomplete designs, I was tasked to refresh an outdated website & brand. The content was mainly there, but needed to be dramatically refreshed. Along with updated designs, the client received updated brand and photography guidelines.


Art Direction, Branding, Responsive Design, UI Design, UX Guidelines

Project of

H-Art & RedFox Outdoor

project overview

The brand refresh covered Desktop, Mobile & UX


A series of website templates was created using the refreshed branding. This covered generic screens, store front & stepped checkout screens.


The design was fully responsive. Mobile screens are only shown as they differ from the desktop screens the most.


The website received a full over-haul, with aim on engagement and increasing hit rates/sales.

Hurdles encountered

  1. Brand and assets were very dated
  2. The branding was not strong or identifiable enough online
  3. The website was slow and information difficult to find
  4. The products were beautiful, but you couldn't tell

Solutions created

  1. The brand refresh included guidelines on photography and assets moving forward
  2. The use of the diamond shape was emphasised to emphasise branding elements
  3. The designs were more modern so that loading time was faster. The content flow was adressed and no content was duplicated.
  4. The new designs emphasised the products, focusing on fabric, durability and lifestyle.

Drawing out wireframes to get ideas across for online meeting discussions, reduced time and shortened the sign-off loop.