Google GXBO

Art Direction, Branding & UI/UX

This was a multi-faceted role refreshing various aspects of the Global GXBO brand. I played a crucial part in refreshing the GXBO brand, and acted as the brand guardian from the beginning of the project, and until completion – where it could be handed over and maintained by the internal supplier.

The overarching concept is based around real and honest casestudy material. The brand is cleaner and now more in-line with the Google brand.


Art Direction, Branding, UI Design, UX, Project Management, 3rd Party Liason, training a Junior, covering for CD

Project of

Google & Toaster

project overview

The indepth rebrand covered Online Design, Branding, Print, UX & costing.

Hurdles encountered

  1. Brand needed to be modernised
  2. The brand was not unified
  3. Localisations were very time consuming in terms of design & development(2-3 months)
  4. Localisations were therefore costly, limiting expansion
  5. Lack of trained resource to aid expansion

Solutions created

  1. Brand was refreshed and simplified
  2. Brand guidelines were created for use in expansion over various Countries and varying markets
  3. Templates were created along with a concept to simplify the expansion process. Time was reduced to 3-14 days.
  4. Localisation was quicker, cheaper and simpler to roll out. Expansion was rapid over a shorter period of time.
  5. Training of a junior, hand over notes and various hand over processes to management and 3rd party suppliers meant the work could be maintained internally.


Part of the project was to refresh existing portals, and to create templates for new markets. The revised development aspect of this rebrand massively reduced time, costs, loading time and increased traffic.


To help all the global markets keep the new brand consistent, a thorough set of brand guidelines was created. The guidelines covered wide aspects of the brand from typography and logo useage to photography guidelines.


Templates for flyers, posters, banners and billboards.

Poster for Argentina

Poster for Greece

Billboard for Malaysia