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Creative Director • Director

My approach is that in order to be a better designer, I need to fully understand the development process. For that reason I studied not only Fine Art and Graphic Design, but also Front-End Development, A+, and Networking. Some people call this Creative Technology, but I prefer staying on the design side, or acting as the interpreter across digital mediums.
I am especially interested in Brand guidelines / Brand refreshes, Concept generation, creative Digital projects and Responsive web. I enjoy creative problem solving.


Various digital mediums:
art direction, responsive website design, UX, flash animation, front-end development, to branding, illustration and print.


I can work flexibly.
If I had a choice I would prefer an agile process over a waterfall process, as a solid collaboration usually yields more efficient and creative results.


• Direct consultation
• Freelance via agencies
• Remote
• On-site

SkillsA visual quick reference of what I do.


I can work on parts of a project, or work on it as a whole from concept to live.

  • Digital Art Direction 95%

  • Graphic Design 91%

  • Responsive Design 81%

  • Development 70%

  • Wireframing 72%

  • User experience - UX 80%


Mac or PC are both great - Mac for design is preferable.

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Illustrator 85%

  • InDesign 78%

  • Dreamweaver 76%

  • Fireworks 74%

  • Wordpress 80%

Niki combines a high level of creativity with an in depth understanding of the complexities of web design, working with her was productive in terms of her expanded notions of the potentials held in web design and also in terms of her sensible, and grounded approach to practically organising projects. I cannot reccomend NIki highly enough in relation to her sensitive understanding of the needs and requirements of a very particular web project!

I only managed Niki for a short time during our recent rebranding work but it was long enough for her to impress me with her talent, versatility and impressively up-to-date knowledge. She is also kind, sensitive and passionate about her work; lovely qualities to have in a freelancer.

Niki, has produced excellent design work, branding and a Flash animation for one of my clients. This was done in early 2003 and the quality of the work was outstanding. The design and animation are still being used by the company.

Niki was brought in to help our digital side. She worked on various banner campaigns and assisted us with any technical queries that arose. She also helped us with our website by photographing our work and streamlining the process for our junior to take over. Niki is very resourceful and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any projects that require good design and a keen eye.

Niki has been a fantastic help to Cream Publishing during our expansion into online ezines. She has been reliable, friendly and trustworthy and her passionate approach has been appreciated by us at the company. I heartily recommend her to any future employer.

I have worked with Niki on several web development projects for my company. She has proved invaluable. She has brilliant & creative ideas and gis reat at implementing them. I woudl highly recommend her.

Niki is a highly talented designer with expertise both in a creative and technical capacity. Not only does her design work demonstrate exciting originality but also an acute awareness of the necessity of practical application and fast execution. Highly recommended!

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I'm currently located in misty South London.

Inkt Ltd.
Crystal Palace,
London, UK
E: niki@inktltd.com